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new stuff, things, etc.

2008-05-07 16:02:57 by Outback-County

everyone from OC here!

well, we've got vids on our site now.

oh, and we're uploading a song soon called "the broom song"...it's a parody of alot of crap such as "jonas brothers", "miley cyrus", etc.

oh, and a very sensible parody of "A Day to Remember" in the breakdown...a series of me making fun of emo music. we're not poking fun at cults and what not, but we've got to make fun of some things sometimes, right?? anyways, it'll be up soon, so...enjoy the song when it's up!



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2008-05-07 17:04:27

wanna be my first friend?

Outback-County responds:

yeah, sure : )


2008-05-08 13:36:34

I'll be your 2nd friend.

Outback-County responds:

ok then ^_^


2008-05-08 15:16:58

sweet shit, collaborative account :D

Outback-County responds:

lol thanks ^_^